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What are the Facts Surrounding the AstraZeneca Controversy?

Over a month ago, Iceland, Denmark, and Norway suspended use of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, citing rare blood clotting adverse events. What’s the actual data surrounding these events? Unlike the first vaccines deployed against COVID-19, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson use a slightly different vaccine technology to deliver mRNA instructions to cells. Where Pfizer andContinue reading “What are the Facts Surrounding the AstraZeneca Controversy?”

Californian COVID-19 Strains Listed by the CDC as Variants of Concern

The CDC has updated their variants of concern (VOC) list to include two more strains of COVID-19. Please see my previous article, “What COVID-19 Variants are Out There?” for information on other VOC’s that were listed earlier in the year. The CDC has now acknowledged two new “home-grown” VOC’s, both first detected in California. TheseContinue reading “Californian COVID-19 Strains Listed by the CDC as Variants of Concern”

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